Singapore business story #5

I came to the UK.

Specifically, at Birmingham, for three months. As I have kept labeling the heading of this series of the business story clearly with ‘Singapore’, I want to talk about my studies in the comparison between Singapore and Birmingham, nevertheless spending only 5 days in Birmingham.

I have expected something would be different in Birmingham. That is, probably I had felt some disappointments about curriculum and school life while I had been spending around 6-month in Singapore, that I might have wanted the fresh experience or something else here. It turns out, at least, there are some progressions I have been satisfying these days. The serious lecture room that comes to me as the small chamber music with a symphony of the professor’s soft tone and students’ enthusiastic typing sounds.

In Birmingham, for the next three months spending here, I will have definitely satisfied with the atmosphere and that seriousness wandering around the campus. Regardless of how perfect each professor is, that was what I have wanted and what does not exist in Singapore’s campus. Unfortunately, one of my lecture schedule which is Retailing has shifted from Thursday to Tuesday. Before leaving, I actually chose my optional module to be all taken place on either Thursday and Friday, as I would be able to suddenly go somewhere when there’s no lecture from Saturday to the next Wednesday. This kind of sudden change in my planning came to me quite dumbfounded, but still, as always, I compromised to myself to change ‘a bit’ of my original plan. Rather than going somewhere every week, I chose to just stay at the campus and seriously absorb and immerse myself in the campus student’s life. That would be more productive and successful in terms of my opportunity cost, and that will certainly not make me regret the time I have spent in Birmingham. Instead, I think I’d like to go somewhere inside the UK if I feel I want to feel some new feelings.

The campus is actually cool. Maybe because I have only been to ‘few’ university campuses in the UK. I have never been to the main library, which has been built quite recently, so my satisfaction would even be higher. It takes 15 minutes from the dormitory area (the Vale village) to the main campus where there are a big clocktower and a square. As an exchange student, if I just walk alone on the campus, it ‘feels’ like I become one of the members in the school (which is actually true…) so it feels amazing.

As for business, in brief for this time, I try to focus on regularity ever since I came to the UK cause I started to think about what I should improve myself is the stickiness to what I have planned. I can’t say I am good at any other things except practicing everyday plans, but I seriously feel what I plan and what I want to achieve are far ahead of my true action. Whether this regularity practice is directly related or not, I need to do self-reflection the past days with prompt idea-makings and no actual movements. I think it’s better to move ahead first and think later, in some cases, and especially when I am about to drive some plans. Although I don’t want to change myself 180 degrees, I do need to practice the way how to behave opposite to my usual actions.