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Singapore business story #6 @Birmingham

Finalizing the exchange period in the UK

With a fast flow of times as I look back many days in the UK, it has already been almost two months since I came to Birmingham. For saying friendly and directly without filtering my thoughts, I believe there were more insatiable moments or experiences in this far western country than remarkable memories. That is because I realized I like neither a calm (and sometimes, boring) suburban place like Birmingham, nor a noisy and busy city like London (which proves basically I am not fit into the UK’s living atmosphere). While it didn’t take a long time for me to realize that I would die for boredom in a small city, I could check myself who can’t stand in the busy and grey city of London through traveling with my girlfriend. Aren’t many people saying that traveling and actually living in there are different? For me, nothing could be made more as I even feel not that happy when I first visit London for traveling. I obviously don’t like the color of grey which is spread throughout the whole city of London. And it’s quite hard for me to adjust myself to the daily life of Londoners. It seems like other students from Singapore have been enjoying a lot in this period of being “exiled” (as I describe) by having a “dreamed” university life (as I assume). For me, I can say that I am still bewildered between this grey reality and what I had planned in Singapore. Of course, I acknowledge the small part of university happiness of dorm life, drinking, clubbing, etc. However, ever since I GOT TO HAVE a businessmen’s mindset, I had lost any interests appearing from those fun university life. As I frequently see from rambling talks by people who succeed in their areas, I want to immerse myself into something I like with a crazy passion. I guess I need some other kinds of motivation to myself that haven’t been motivated me before especially in this kind of period when I just want to escape as soon as possible. If someone asks me that didn’t you choose the course with an exchange student period expecting these kinds of things, I would say that I at least expect something much more special than these combinations of boredom and lethargy.

In the Heathrow airport, continuously…

Coronavirus in Europe

As I concerned, an overall atmosphere across the entire Europe has been deteriorated due to a chain effect triggered by Coronavirus. While the mainland of Europe, especially highlighted by France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, had been seriously suffering for an uncontrollable disaster I thought at least the UK wouldn’t end up joining a list of European countries that are banned by Korea and Singapore at the same time. But, the situation here is catastrophic. Not only the seriousness of the fast-spreading virus but also the consciousness of the western people towards Asian people have become worsen off. And, because of the freedom within the European countries which have actually functioned as the advantage of economic and cultural perspectives, the speed of spreading the virus resulted in an uncontrollable pandemic. It’s something that is ongoing but it is hard to believe the fact that it is ongoing in our surrounding society at the same time. It’s quite hard to find a middle standpoint that is not too seriously reacting to the virus problem which might arouse the problem of racism and not too easily taking that into our minds. It seems as if God is testing people on the Earth even though I don’t believe in God.

Return back to Singapore

Human has been an animal of adjustment, and will always be like that. Personally, except for a direct impact of the Coronavirus, I felt 51% of a sense of security, 29% of fear, and the other 30% of void feeling when I first knew that I have to go back to either Singapore or Korea. I don’t remember whether I did write about how do I stay in Birmingham and how do I feel here before or not, but I haven’t liked the times I have spent here that much. It has been too mild and mundane for me. I love the challenge, I love any changes, and I love crisis which makes me to be changed and to challenge myself. In any time of the change, although I always hope and be confident of myself to accomplish the things I planned and expected (and quite a number of times I failed..), as a simple person who always repeats same mistakes I would like to bet myself that I can achieve these things successful than any other previous attempts this time. But, returning to the reality for a second, anyhow I should be quarantined for 14 days as soon as I go back to Singapore. Making this unavoidable period as a stepping-point of my further movements, I hope everything will be getting great. Hope all is well.


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