Singapore business story #4

There have been not that many things that happened during the period I hadn’t written anything about the business on this blog. Having traveled to four big cities in Australia as a winter vacation, I can’t deny the fact that my passion for the first business plan has weakened. But it wasn’t due to some technical limitations or a sudden pessimism on my plan. Instead, I realized a lack of drive; I haven’t been ready for betting all I have.

The business was pretty simple to come up with, pretty easy to test it to the public, and pretty ‘less’ risky for my perspectives. I am not sure this is just my problem or personal characteristic, however, I have been reaching at the moment as if I am studying while I am having a meal. In other words, in between a boring student and an enthusiastic startup dreamer I can’t really balance properly upon them.

Sometimes, I consider that conflict can happen to everyone. So, I think I should make a strong decision rather than regretting my unproductive behaviors in the past. Frankly, everything has remained as confused as I can’t stop repeating “I should have ~” in my head. A reassurance of myself like “It’s okay I am still a uni student” sometimes swallows a sense of pressure on myself that I should make something and vice versa.

I can say nothing has been in progress or shown any developments among my plan or thoughts. However, I do come up with a plan-B while calling with mom. This would be much less risky and in some sense, more realistic. I’d like to introduce what is it at least I really start to do. I also get tired of coming up with so many great ideas and they are being varied by reality or busy life.

These days, that’s all. Got back to ‘real me’. Try to read more, try to think more, and try to get experience more. 😀


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