Singapore business story #3

There had been an obstacle for me and my business to be progressed these days. My Korean friends came to Singapore to see me before they would serve for army soon, so I spent the whole last week for hanging out with them. Anyway, getting into the main point, I at least did something during these two weeks; as I wrote earlier, I am trying to focus on YouTube and building fundamentals for starting up a business.

I made an intro video for my business, which I also planned to learn how to take a good food video. So, at least I have reached two objectives which are video setting and starting up business YouTube. You can see the video through a below link.

Intro video

By the way, I decided to make videos not only for the purpose of providing a recipe in an easier way, but also for the medium of advertising myself and my business. Of course this is a very conceptual thought which is needed to be improved, but I want to approach to ‘Marketing’ in a fresh way. I can say combining meal kit business and commercial YouTube video is an easy idea that anyone can come up with. But, I’d like to make my YouTube channel which enables persuading people to truly understand what is my vision and to know how my business would be growing. It will be awesome if I can successfully shoot a growing video in the way of both myself and my business. Therefore, I am struggling with how to naturally film both cooking videos and my business stories.

My initial focus of cooking is for foreigners to easily access Korean foods. I currently took videos about Korean foods and a bit of Chinese foods… which have started because of my pure interests of improving my cooking skills. Anyway, the reason why I am initiating the business with purely Korean foods is because Korean foods in Singapore are somewhat overrated for its price and its accessibility, which means, people here usually think Korean foods are expensive and are not that easy to be met. It is true. Not many local people would know how to cook Korean foods at their home. And most accessible Korean foods are either at hawker center or normal restaurants which located in shopping malls – that they have to charge either high price or give up quality while locating in hawker center (and even at hawker center the cooks are usually local people, not Koreans).

Anyway, I must organize some things I gotta do before I go to the UK. I am not hoping too much dreams, while I am not that realistic person as well. I used to think the fact that I must go to the UK would really bother me to proceed further steps for business, but now I start to negotiate myself to be more realistic. Before I go to the UK, I gotta focus on filming as much as I can and I plan to narrow them down to confirm some recipes that I am really confident to show to others by repeating same recipes. Next, one more really important duty I should make it is to conduct beta-test. This was an idea from my mom, which is basically saying I package a perfect package of meal kit in the same sense when I am really selling to strangers and deliver it to my friend to see how they react. This would be perfect mission for me, perhaps the final mission before I go to the UK which can challenge myself to feel something I got to achieve for these 3 months.

Those two duties were about the product and service themselves, and one other duty is about legal practice. Since I have some problems for establishing my own business in Singapore by student’s position, I must figure about how to deal with such legal problems in Singapore.

Of course I am going to keep taking cooking videos even after I go to the UK. But these days I started to feel that I really need to proceed fast, faster than my original plan. It happens maybe because some of my friends are about to go to the army, and I started to be realistic about my future career. I frankly do not have any mind that this my first business would be so successful that I would not even need to find a job in the future. But, as long as it obviously faces a failure, I want to put all my passions not to regret this enthusiastic young ages.


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