Singapore business story #1

Since I have to go to the UK for three months from next January, although other problems facing under business circumstances are much weighted, it gives me a feeling internally hesitating whether to start up business now or not. Apart from that, problems directly related to the business make me uncertain about where to proceed first. It feels like everything would go smoothly if I just start to dig into something for the first time, but that first action is always hard for everyone to make.

Briefly for saying, the business I am about to start in Singapore is something related to delivering the food. Meal kit industry – which used to be quite popular in US and now is booming at South Korea – sounds pretty profitable for me, especially in Singapore. But, what have I done for these two months from September when I first came up with this business idea was no actions but only an ambiguous idea and another ideas. Now, a flow of time makes me not to delay anymore, so what I came up with a thinking how to not be a procrastinator is to upload a blog post every day which helps me to organize where am I and where my business is. My dad contributed to this idea as he had showed me a news article describing a successful pizza company where a daily sharing of business growth helps potential customers to be genuinely interested in this on-going business.

I decided my company name as ‘Cookey’, which is basically telling the company providing a service related to cooking. Actually, two months ago, I temporarily put ‘Cooky’ as name of my business plan, but my friend suggested me adding ‘e’.

Anyway, let me describe a specific business plan later – there must be many times I can introduce what I am going to do. But for now, as I am being chased by time before going to the UK, I really need to start any actions for this business. What I think as the most urgent issue for business is to activate connections with customers, which are both an official website and YouTube account. For service and product themselves, from the delivery of service, packaging, storing, and marketing etc, I have a lot of things to be done simultaneously as soon as I open the service. Also, a problem regarding an establishment of corporate in Singapore is crucial along with them. Therefore, for these days before December, I may put an effort on building basic infrastructure that is essential for everything. It can be website, adequate YouTube videos for promoting, some video-taking instruments, a studio or any other places for doing business.



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